Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Non-Sock Knitter

The name of this blog could very well be "my name is tracy. i don't knit socks." I was pretty adamant in my aversion to sock knitting. I have tried socks a few times before. I have even made Christmas stockings for my family. But I never felt bitten by the sock bug. I just didn't get it. Until a few months ago. Chauntel wrote up a pattern for a pair of socks, which she is wont to do quite often, and then, quite timidly I must say, asked me to test knit them. "I'm sorry, what?" I said. "I know you don't like socks but you are the perfect person to try them out. I need a new sock knitter to try them," she bravely replied. I chortled. I guffawed. I giggled. But I was intrigued... "Sure! Heck, why not!" I finally said. So, I knit them. Well, I knit one of them. But I finished that sucker right up quick! I cannot show you the proof of said sock knitting (it's a secret) but I even have plans for the next pair. In fact, I have plans for the next 11. See, I have secretly been buying sock yarns. I have yearned after them for years but never gave in. Because I don't knit socks. Well, my non existent sock stash has grown to this:

Right now, the socks I am just about jonesing to start are the German Stockings. Because they will be made out of Peruvian Baby Silk. Chaun gave that to me as a gift. I think she was just overjoyed that I was actually knitting a sock. For reals.


Leslie said...

Yup, that's just about how it happened with me on socks. I just couldn't conceive of how anyone would find it interesting or fun. Now I'm like an exsmoker, praising the virtues of socks to anyone who will listen!:)

chauntel said...

Ummm....yeah I was overjoyed!!! I could actually share in my sock-y-goodness with you! haha

Suzanne said...

Your sock story and mine could be the same. I'm a total convert.

From what I've learned about myself, if I say there is something I could never see myself knitting (like socks, for example), that means, somewhere, subconsciously, I've been thinking about knitting it - and the next thing you know, I do.


Thanks for flashing your stash. You have some beauties in there for sure!