Thursday, January 24, 2008

But we don't get weather!

Oh yes we do! It's been just stormin' like crazy here in SoCal. Rain, sleet, hail and even snow. On Wednesday, Santa Barbara recorded over 4" in a 24 hour period. Blew our old record out of the water, so to speak. The street in front of my work flooded. To the point that we had waves lapping up in the parking lot. Today, we experienced a huge downburst of air and it was like a tornado blew through the 500 block of Gutierrez. Crazy! Took some pictures of the snow this morning. Supposedly we will get even more tonight!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My other love... I think.

Yesterday Chaun and I met my Aunt Karen at the Road to California quilt show in Ontario. In one word: WOW! I knew that people made intricate quilts but I really had no idea how intricate they got! Many of these quilts had to have taken years to make. I didn't write down the names of the quilts or the makers of them but enjoy the show! I do have more on my Flickr site if you would like to check them out.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Picture 1732, originally uploaded by tellen24.

It's a Zeebee for my friend Mike. I used one ball of Noro Shinano (from the sweater I knit a few years ago). I cast on 34 sts and did 10 wrapped sts. I love this pattern. It can be adapted to ANY weight yarn and it's a quick quick knit.

Noro Socks

Picture 1742, originally uploaded by tellen24.

The start of a sock!! I am hoping that keeping this in plain stockinette, I will be more inclined to actually finish the set. I am knitting this pretty tight so Chaun may just be ending up with a pair of handknits socks from me!


Picture 1747, originally uploaded by tellen24.

The Meathead hat. Made with two strands of Bernat Alpaca held together. This little baby took about 2 hours to make. I love the point the hat comes to. Not for anyone in particular, was just feeling the need for a quickie one night.

Been a long time.

It's that time of year again, the January Doldrums have set in. It's that whole rush into/through the holidays, gotta do this, gotta do that, have to run over here, this party that day, that party this day, and all of a's over. I love the holidays and it's depressing when they are over. Also, I had some pretty big realizations about where I am at with my mom's death. So, as much as I loved the holiday, it was very emotional. So, I am really just hanging out these days, trying to be quiet and peaceful. It's my birthday tomorrow and my mom's oldest sister (My Aunt Karen who is so much like my mom, it's uncanny!) wants to take Chaun and I to a quilt show at the Long Beach convention center. So I think we will head down for that on Saturday morning. Sunday I plan on working on my quilt. I talked about quilting quite awhile ago and even showed pictures of my chosen fabric. I decided that pattern was WAY too hard and have chosen to do this pattern instead. It's just rectangles, right?? It should be easy. I made Chaun's Scarf for her birthday and was a tad shocked at how quick and easy that one went. I used a herringbone flannel for the backside and a brown wool blend for the main part on the front. The other green fabrics are cotton, silk dupioni, satin, and some others.
The quilt I am making is from this collection of fabrics. I also have been making baby gifts for, well, anybody really. Chaun and I pulled out the knitting machines a few weekends ago and have been whipping out some projects for friends. I just found out that my friend Cristy is having herself a little baby. :)) I can't wait to get started on projects! I am still knitting. In fact, I have knit quite a few small projects recently. I made Chaun a pair of felted slippers (she makes me socks, I have to pay her somehow!), Sadie also got a pair of slippers, a couple of hats were made (pictures to follow),. I am currently working on the Silk Garden sweater, edging on a blanket, a sock out of Noro Sock yarn, and I just cast on for the Gathered Pullover.

I have been trying to upload pictures into this post but blogger keeps giving me an error message. So they will come direct from Flickr. :)