Thursday, January 24, 2008

But we don't get weather!

Oh yes we do! It's been just stormin' like crazy here in SoCal. Rain, sleet, hail and even snow. On Wednesday, Santa Barbara recorded over 4" in a 24 hour period. Blew our old record out of the water, so to speak. The street in front of my work flooded. To the point that we had waves lapping up in the parking lot. Today, we experienced a huge downburst of air and it was like a tornado blew through the 500 block of Gutierrez. Crazy! Took some pictures of the snow this morning. Supposedly we will get even more tonight!


Anonymous said...

Tracy! Where do you work? I'm seeing pictures of Richardson Ave, which is where my husband has some property that he and his dad had H&R Motors for years, now Bob's Imports, I think. It's also the lowest spot on the street, so you know what that means when it floods! PS - I'm anonymous cuz I can't remember my blogger name or password. Leslie

Cori said...

Wow! It sounds like some of Kansas has headed your way! Tornado-like winds (yeah, we get those :-) ), lots of rain, even snow (up in the hills, right?). We've done all of that, and heavy rain in just a few hours, we get that, too. We had 4 inches in about 6 or 7 hours one day this summer. Yikes! And did you make it home OK?

tellen said...

Leslie!! Hi! I work over on the 500 block of Gutierrez. And we flood when we have little rain, let alone the massive dumping we had the other day. It was a little tough getting home yesterday but only due to our street being closed for downed power lines. And the next storm isn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow sometime. Time enough for us to have a breather!