Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beautiful day

Beautiful day, originally uploaded by tellen24.

After weeks (it felt like months!) of rain, overcast days, and cold (cold enough to snow), we finally have spring like days. Even though it's still mid-February, the weather is beautiful right now. This photo is enough to regenerate a girl's belief that the world really is a beautiful place.


Cori said...

Gorgeous photo! We are in for another bout of snow, freezing rain and muck. I'm so glad I can come remind myself that there is a beautiful, warm place somewhere out there.

Chauntel said...

It has been beautiful! I am not a fan of the February heat waves we get like most folks around here. I want the cold, dreary, drizzly winter to stick for a bit so I can get my fill & then have spring come ;o)
I love the shot~ you had some other sepia ones in your flickr that I liked too.