Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Times

Two weekends ago, I traveled up to Dad's house to do a bit of outside clean up. He has decided to rent out the house, hopefully sometime in spring. Which means we have a lot of work to do! We rented a large dumpster (took up half the driveway!) for the weekend and we overfilled it. Brush, trash, all kinds of crap that has been hanging out at our house for years. We ended up with a large pile of hazmat materials (paint, oil, stuff we weren't really sure what) and a large pile for donation. At times, it did look a bit like CalTrans was working at the house:
All in all, it was a good weekend, I enjoyed seeing my dad, my bro, and Jerilyn. On the way home, I stopped on 41 (or was it 46? Does it matter? They seem to be interchangeable, equally boring drives) to take pictures of the incredible sunset. Enjoy!

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