Saturday, September 12, 2009


Aeolian, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Today this little lovely won me third place in a local knit store's annual contest. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something new, something old

Something new, something old, originally uploaded by tellen24.

My old shuffle went kaput during a run last week (granted, I am the third owner of said shuffle) so I bought myself a new one! Do you think it will inspire me to keep running? I do!

I am pretty impressed with the size due to the fact that it's a 4gb and my Nano is 5 times bigger and also is a 4gb. They just keep improving them!

I am not so keen on the headphones as that is where the controls are for the shuffle. Big bummer but I will deal. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Whisper, originally uploaded by tellen24.

It's a finished Whisper. I used Malabrigo Laceweight, maybe 3/4 of a ball (which consisted of 990 yds).

Running around

Running around, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Saturday consisted of a bit of this but a lot more of sitting, knitting, chatting, relaxing. A bunch of us met up at Rowan's for a finishing party. I was able to start and finish a pair of slippers for Sadie Jane that day. I also got some great photos of my finished quilts, photos to follow.

Walk the Line back

Walk the Line back, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Back of the Walk the Line

Walk the Line

Walk the Line, originally uploaded by tellen24.

I made this in March 08 and left it with Lois to have it quilted. As soon as she got her new machine, she quilted it and sent it back to me. It has been waiting for over 8 months for me to do the binding. :) And since I was in a finishing mode 2 weekends ago, I got right on it! The backing is polar fleece.

Grandma's quilt

Grandma's quilt, originally uploaded by tellen24.

I made this as a birthday gift for my Grandma. Okay, I actually I made it just because but it's taking me so long to finish it, it will be right on time for her birthday. :) I used Jacobean Garden fabrics from Connecting Threads. The quilting was done by Lois Sedgwick.

Cowboy quilt

Cowboy quilt, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Made for James Randall Frame, my cousin's new little baby boy. The back is a brown flannel. I had a lot of firsts on this quilt: first handmade binding, first quilt with free motion quilting. Okay, two firsts! I am very very pleased with how this turned out!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Sewing Town Bag

Weekend Sewing Town Bag, originally uploaded by tellen24.

I used a metallic pleather for this bag before I attempted to try it with real leather. I had some issues. I have never had to sew around D-rings, sew this type of material. I used 44" for the strap instead to make it longer. One thing I did note is that the instructions do not tell you to sew the 13" or 14" side when you are sewing the two outside sides together.

I don't love this bag right now. I think I might prefer it in a much flopper material. Probably a soft leather would be nice. :) Also, I think it's a tad too big. But it certainly was a learning lesson!

Weekend Sewing Town Bag

Weekend Sewing Town Bag, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Inner lining

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Project bag

Project bag, originally uploaded by tellen24.

I modified the original pattern by firebrunette to use 2 pieces of material 13"x18" for a finished size of 4"wide x 6" tall x 8" long.

Project bag

Project bag, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Monday, March 30, 2009


P3283741, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Pattern is from Knitty. I used 2.25 hanks of Shibui Sock in Bark and 1 hank of Socks That Rock in Lovers Leap. Because I only had one ball of the STR, I had to do less stripes on the arms. I removed the first three sets of stripes and ended up with the just a few yards left over. I also only did half the amount of side decreases (I believe I did it at the beginning of every contrast color). I did the buttonholes but I am thinking I prefer it without the buttons.

Very very pleased with how this came out! I am already planning another. :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

SewConnected March block

SewConnected March block, originally uploaded by tellen24.

SewConnected April block

SewConnected April block, originally uploaded by tellen24.

John sent his fabrics last week. And since I still had to do the March block, I sat down and designed both then cut them in preparation for a sewing Sunday. I am pleased with how both turned out!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finishing Party

P3213694, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Saturday we all gathered at Ro's house to sit down and finish up some knit projects. Susie, Justina, Spencer, Chauntel, Catherine, Jaime, Gwen, and I were all there to drink coffee and knit. It truly was a fun day! And I know both Catherine and Justina finished some projects and I sewed together my Tempest sweater.

This picture shows what kind of day it was. :) Nice n' easy. The photo set is here.

Photo shoot caught on camera!

P3213724, originally uploaded by tellen24.


P3213701, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Spencer story telling, Tracy spitting, Sadie watching

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silk Kerchief

Silk Kerchief, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Pattern: Silk Kerchief
Yarn: Silk Garden Sock
Colors: 245, 269

The pattern calls for a specific amount of repeats but I went until I ran out of yarn. I did 44 repeats. I also ended with a picot bindoff for a bit of 'flair'.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just because

I made this quilt for my Grandma. Just because. She helped us out a lot when my mom was sick and I don't know that I ever thanked her for that.

I used the Jacobean Garden line from Connecting Threads. The pattern is from Film In The Fridge. It wasn't so much a pattern, as guidelines on following her quilt. I love how it turned out! I sent it to Lois for quilting and I am so amazed at what she can do. I can't wait to give this to my Grandma!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nope, it's not an illusion!

Look at me posting for the first time in 2009! As I have admitted many times before, I don't much like blogging anymore. But I am keeping the site up for now because I actually research it often for old photos, old posts, etc. So let me update you as to what I have been doing!

1. SewConnected quilt block group. I am in the fourth month of this group already. My month was January and as I am still waiting for a few blocks, I haven't done anything with them yet. I did make this block for February. It was my first attempt at an actual pieced pattern. I am pretty pleased with it!
February block for SewConnected
I will be working on March's block this upcoming week.

2. We had a new baby born on my mom's side, first baby actually! They wanted a mellow cowboy theme so I made this quilt top (it's currently being quilted).
Cowboy blanket for James Randall Frame

3. Stitches West. An awesome trip that I took with my knit group. 9 women, 3 cars, 2 nights and a yarn convention. It was a great time!
Friday and Saturdays yarn purchases (doesn't include Sundays)
Left to Right: Abby Rowan Spencer Suzanne Chaun Cori Susie Tracy, Justina took the photo. Which I borrowed, thanks J!

As it turns out, our knit group is putting on the peer pressure for some project finishing. So this weekend many of us have assessed our WIPs and decided what needed to be finished and what needed to be frogged. I have 6 to-be-frogged projects and 4 works-in-progress. Well, I have more than that but those will be my focus!