Monday, April 27, 2009

Cowboy quilt

Cowboy quilt, originally uploaded by tellen24.

Made for James Randall Frame, my cousin's new little baby boy. The back is a brown flannel. I had a lot of firsts on this quilt: first handmade binding, first quilt with free motion quilting. Okay, two firsts! I am very very pleased with how this turned out!

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Danica said...

Oh, I love this Cowboy Quilt... CRAZY that I should stumble upon this from Rav when I'm just set to embark upon a project I'm affectionately calliing the "Yee Haw Quilt" for my MIL's Christmas gift.

Thanks for sharing--very inspiring!

I've got a couple fabrics with large patterns, so I'd really like to use big blocks of those fabrics to make the most of the patterning.