Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nope, it's not an illusion!

Look at me posting for the first time in 2009! As I have admitted many times before, I don't much like blogging anymore. But I am keeping the site up for now because I actually research it often for old photos, old posts, etc. So let me update you as to what I have been doing!

1. SewConnected quilt block group. I am in the fourth month of this group already. My month was January and as I am still waiting for a few blocks, I haven't done anything with them yet. I did make this block for February. It was my first attempt at an actual pieced pattern. I am pretty pleased with it!
February block for SewConnected
I will be working on March's block this upcoming week.

2. We had a new baby born on my mom's side, first baby actually! They wanted a mellow cowboy theme so I made this quilt top (it's currently being quilted).
Cowboy blanket for James Randall Frame

3. Stitches West. An awesome trip that I took with my knit group. 9 women, 3 cars, 2 nights and a yarn convention. It was a great time!
Friday and Saturdays yarn purchases (doesn't include Sundays)
Left to Right: Abby Rowan Spencer Suzanne Chaun Cori Susie Tracy, Justina took the photo. Which I borrowed, thanks J!

As it turns out, our knit group is putting on the peer pressure for some project finishing. So this weekend many of us have assessed our WIPs and decided what needed to be finished and what needed to be frogged. I have 6 to-be-frogged projects and 4 works-in-progress. Well, I have more than that but those will be my focus!


Chauntel said...

The square turned out great I think!
And the cowboy quilt is adorable. My fave fabric is the cowhide.
Come on, fess up to all the wip's you have on needles! Including all the little piddly crap that you normally don't count.
I must know!!

Tracy said...

I am really kind of afraid to count up my wips! I think after my run tonight, I should sit down for an honesty session!

Amy said...

Great block! And really fun quilt. Hope to hear more from you in 2009!