Saturday, June 09, 2007


About three weeks ago, I was tagged on a meme, "8 Random Things About Me," by Christine. I didn't forget, Christine! I just couldn't think of anything more than 1 random thing. Since I have time today (on a minivaca with my dad and brother) I am making myself sit down and come up with all 8 things.

1. I can't stand soggy vegetables. When I was younger, Wednesday nights were Pot Roast night. And cooked with the pot roast were potatoes and carrots. I had to eat two (2!!) thoroughly cooked carrots with my dinner. I quickly learned that the best way to eat them was to get a glass of milk and swallow the carrots whole with the milk. I shudder just thinking about it... I have since learned that vegetables don't have to be cooked 'til the cows come home, they can actually be warm AND crunchy!

2. I can blow air out of my eye. Technically it's the corner of my eye. When I have really bad allergies, I get so stuffed up that when I blow my nose, air is forced out. I believe it's between the eyeball and the tearduct that sits in the corner.

3. I have 7 tattoos. I want one more but am working up the courage to put myself through that process again.

4. When I was two, I taught my cousin Eric (who was 2 1/2) how to pee in the bushes. In his front yard. Around that same time, my cousin Kim was born. I hated her. So much so, that while she was an infant, sitting in her car seat on the kitchen table, I pushed her off. She survived.

5. I consider myself a non-risk taker, cautious, non-athletic, person but when I look back through my life, I have done some pretty non-cautious, athletic, risky things: skydiving, scuba diving, backpacking through Europe, skiing, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, water skiing. I guess I have to try it all at least once!

6. I wrote a novel in my freshman year of high school. We had a newly certified English teacher who had some very lofty ideas of what freshmen were capable of. We also read Les Miserables that same year. I do believe he changed his curriculum the following year.

7. Until I graduated high school, I scorned my friends who would dye their hair. I thought we should all be happy with who we are and not try to change ourselves. They finally convinced me to dye my hair purple after we graduated. I also didn't wear makeup until about 3 years ago. I had to have Chauntel show me what I was to do with all that makeup.

8. I am constantly being told I should be a teacher. I greatly admire those that take on the challenge but have no desire to be one myself.

I tag noone. Feel free though to share any random things about yourself in comments! :)

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