Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Done!

It's done and I am done. Finished reading yesterday afternoon. I didn't rush it, I didn't skim it, I took my time. Really enjoyed it and I am happy with the way J.K. Rowling finished it off. It's a little sad that the series is finished, I got so much pleasure out of it the past 5-6 years. I still have the audio version to look forward to and the next two movies.
And I did NO knitting over the weekend. :) I have been a bit wrapped up in Ravelry (are you in yet?? wanna be my friend?:)) but I do have some pictures to post sooner or later. I am sneaking this post in at work so this is all you get for now. :)


chaun said...

You know how I get with ends of book series, I refuse to allow the mourning to set in until all 7 movies have been made. ;o) THen watch out world, my life may stop short.

jenna said...

I tried to savor this last book, but I was done in just a few days. So sad that it's over, but it really was a good ending.

Cindy said...

Tracy - I noticed your post with the interview and waited until I finished the book to read it. I just finished it this morning and now have my life back. I spent last week reading book 6 - didn't realized I hadn't (guess that's what happens when you are an old lady). I am satisfied with the ending and the interview made me smile. Now back to "Alaska" by James Michner (half way through). I enjoy seeing your knitting and haven't commented yet - I'm one of those sneaky blog readers :-) Anyway - thanks for the link to the interview! - Cindy (Ali's mom)