Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's November 22.

And I have no idea how it got to be that date already! This month has just flown by. I did my sample block for the SewConnected group but completely forgot that I have to do the real one too! I did buy all my fabrics (I got really fun fabrics!! I can't wait for everyone to see them!) for my month, January, and I am SO excited to get those cut and sent out. And after seeing Rita's top in progress, I cannot wait to start seeing what the group will make. I have some Christmas gifts that need to be sewn so I think this weekend and the following will be Christmas gift weekends. I am also knitting up some hats for family members.

And so everyone knows, me and all my peoples survived the Tea Fire, no problems. I do know people who were evacuated but no one's home burned. I did have a few clients lose their houses though. And I do have one bitch about the news coverage on our fire. Montecito has a reputation for being a 'hidden celebrity enclave' or so I learned while reading online. The bulk of the houses that burned were regular people. Not celebrities. That's all!!

Sorry, I have no photos to share currently. I am hoping with time off at Thanksgiving I will be able to update, document, share everything I've been working on.

Have a great weekend!

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Justina said...

OMG Tracy, this quilting stuff is gorgeous! I don't know how you guys do what you do. I bow in your general direction.