Monday, December 01, 2008

November Block - Buffy

November Block - Buffy Whew! I barely made it in time! I had four days for the holiday and I took full advantage of them. I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning starching and cutting fabrics. Um, whoever invented starch? Right up there with the guy who invented sliced bread. I normally Hate cutting fabric and the starch just made my life so much easier. In the spirit of taking full advantage of days off, I spent Sunday afternoon sewing all my starched fabrics. :) I only have this one photo as one of the other items is a gift and the other (quilting the Pink Lemonade), well, I was just too lazy to get a good photo of it. I am using this SewConnected group as a way to learn different quilt techniques. Obviously, this month, I chose to do a Log Cabin. And I could Log Cabin all day, I loved the block so much. In doing my practice square though, I learned how important the 1/4" seam really is (you would think I would have known already but no) so I finally marked it on my machine with masking tape and it made such a difference! Now, I just need to get over to the post office and mail it...

The practice block:


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Summers said...

Oh my goodness, I love these! Especially the top one. Quilting is so cool!