Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thoughtful gifts

I spent the Saturday I found out about mom's passing over at Chauntel and George's house. When I came into the house, I was inundated with hugs and gifts from Trevor, Sadie, and Tyler. :) Trevor drew me a great picture of Banjo Kazooie, Trevor and I. Sadie drew me a big heart and an "I Love You". Tyler? Tyler gave me a Lego toy. Now, I didn't really believe that he wanted me to actually take it home with me, I figured I was "borrowing" it for the day. So, I left it behind when I came home that night. I was informed yesterday when I arrived that I "forgot" to take it with me. So, here it sits, at my desk.

I give you...Tyler's thoughtful gift:

I just love these kids!!!


Melissa said...

The lego toy rocks.

I forgot to mention earlier, I'm glad you're still visiting :)

I do miss you and the rest of the SB knitters too.

chauntel said...

My kids rock!!

Marieke said...

Aww! How sweet!

Kalah said...

[Enter Nasty Message Here]


Hey, I want to seeeeeee your projects! And the yarn you got from Summers that you already started knitting! Dude! lol