Sunday, February 11, 2007

I just wanted to get the toilet paper out of the car!

So, I had these great and lofty plans for my weekend. Sit around, do nothing, knit. Saturday morning I decided to go out downtown and take pictures. Everything went well. Got some great photos, had a lovely lunch down at the beach, even got in a little shopping. I hit the grocery store on the way home for some supplies. I took the first load up to the house and came back for the second load. It was just the toilet paper left. I went over to the passenger side, unlocked the car (don't ask why I locked it in the first place), and the alarm went off. I didn't know I had an alarm. Meaning, I have no remote to shut it off. Called my dad for some sage advice, which was, "Push the little black button under the dash." Well, after a little bit of searching (along with my dad talking and the alarm blaring) I found the black button. Pushed it. Nothing. Pushed it again. Nothing. And to keep this long story short, I will tell you that at this very moment, the car sits in the driveway. Safe. Waiting for the tow truck to come Monday morning to take it away. Because along with the alarm turning on every time I open the door, the car won't start. Which is a wonderful feature, if I were trying to steal it.

So, after having a drink (or two) to calm me down, I had no choice but to sit and knit. :) So I did! I am currently focusing on two projects: the Clapotis (that I tore out last week after deciding I don't wear the full sized ones I have now, why make another one) scarf and the Lacey Hooded sweater from Rebecca. And I know you have seen what a Clapotis looks like. I don't need to show you again. Instead, I give you a close up look at the yarn and colors.

The Rebecca sweater I am making out of Cascade EcoWool in Natural. Very excited to get this one done because it's the perfect style of sweater for our weather. Full of holes. :) I have the back done and am about 1/3 the way through the front.

So, I sit here today, moving ahead with my plan to sit, do nothing and knit. :) I hope your weekend has been as eventful or uneventful as the case may be, as mine.


Christine said...

Sounds like your car has a personality, lol! Next time, just disconnect the battery cables..... no juice, no noise!

Your knitting is gorgeous!

photogmichelle said...

Oh no, poor car, hopefully they can get it fixed for you really quick. Car troubles suck.

I absolutely love the colors of that Vera colorway. I have the same color for a second clapotis I want to make, but honestly I don't know where the yarn is right now. That other sweater is so pretty. Will you have cool weather for a while? I'm lucky to be able to get a week or two out of mine (when I get it done) before it starts to get to warm.

Marieke said...

As you know (*wink*) we also have a Toyota and had a related problem, so we had to stop using the FOB keys to lock and unlock the car (ours only had the engine kill-switch and flashing lights, though... no blaring alarm).

Hopefully it gets fixed easily (I would imagine it should be pretty easy to fix).

And I am so jealous that you're so far along on the sweater! *pout* I started mine before you!!! Bah.

jenna said...

I just did a search for the Rebecca lace hoodie and found your blog. Yours is looking great! I started mine a couple days ago. Love that lace pattern!

jenna said...

P.S. Heck no, I'm not using the Bel Air. Just some good old Patons Merino. :)

This pattern is so stretchy, I'm also using size 8's AND omitted a pattern repeat. I'm sure it'll come back to bite me when I get to the sleeves and the hood!