Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Total Harry Potter Freak I am!

I don't even care if I only knit one thing out of this book. I must have it! In fact, I would so knit myself a Mrs. Weasley sweater (you know, the one with the big letter on the front?) out of WoolEase Thick n' Quick. I might just wear it around the house but so what!
A word about my lack of blogging. I go through phases of not liking to blog. It becomes a task, a duty. So, I give in to my need to not blog. I also don't blog when the only things I have worked on are the same things I posted about last time. How boring. So, I am coming up against both of these right now. Please do note... I am still working the Rebecca sweater and the Linen Drape top. I will post pictures of them but seriously. Progress pictures are not exciting unless something major is happening! I do have my new 'Next' project to share as well as some new yarn acquisiton. When one comes across a site like ColourMart, how can one Not purchase?? I know, I gave in also. :) So please bear with me, I promise to post. One of these days. With pictures. Good looking ones.


chaun said...

Yeah you better! sheesh, freeloader hehehehe

Christine said...

When you blog, I will be here! I may not always comment, but you can bet your last dollar I will be reading.

We all have those spells when we just can bring ourselves to blog..... look at my recent spell! So don't worry, those who love you will be patient for when you are ready :)