Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long time no talk!

Well, it's been a little while since I posted, hasn't it! How about a little update. My teeth are fine, thank you for all of your well wishes. I am now just dealing with 4 gaping holes in my mouth that are going to take far to long to fill in. Not complaining, mind you! Just making a statement of fact. :) I was off the innernets there for about a week and a half due to computer complications. No need to get into detail, just know that I am now up and running on dial-up, still working on the wireless. Oh, and then I was gone for a weekend to visit my dad. It was a surprise for his birthday (I can't believe he turned 60!). And yes, he was surprised! His girlfriend, JeriLyn, had some events planned for the weekend. Friday we went to the Imax theater (along with Kalah and her parents, Margaret and Al) to see Harry Potter 5 in 3D. That was pretty cool! The last 20 minutes were in 3D. On Saturday, Dad, Jerilyn, and I went up to Plymouth for a bluegrass festival. What a kick in the pants that was! It was a very good weekend, exactly what I needed.

You know, it's funny. I always think when I am sick or just down and out, that I will get plenty of knitting done seeing as how I am just sitting in my chair, doing nothing else, not feeling up to doing anything really. But no. It doesn't happen like that. I end up reading, napping, or watching tv. So, I didn't make all that much progress on the Tangled Yoke during the surgery recovery but I have been working on it. The body is finished (I may have posted about that already) and one sleeve is about 2/3rds done. See, what happened was...I was distracted by babies. My cousin and his wife are having twin boys in about 5 weeks. I have been wanting to make something for them (they already have a 2.5 year old son) but after the Tiramisu, I had NO desire to make another blanket. I finally settled on a baby version of the Shedir. After much discussion and debate (mostly in my head) I picked up two balls of Little Lehigh Pebbles. This is a great yarn if you haven't tried it yet. 250 yards for $6? Can't go wrong! I have finished up the green hat and cast on for the blue. It's not the easiest pattern (I had to frog it twice to get the ribbing right) but I love the way it turned out.

I also picked up 7 balls of SWS in Natural Wood for a version of BrooklynTweed's Hemlock Ring blanket. I am just going to do the Feather and Fan shawl from Gathering of Lace. I am so very tempted to cast on for it right this very minute but I need to get that second hat done before the babies arrive. So, I will hold off. Besides, it turns out that when knitting a sweater, sleeves tend to be my downfall. I went through some of my older projects recently and discovered most of the sweaters have stalled because I stopped knitting on the sleeves. Try three projects: Rebecca lace sweater, my beautiful Julia, and the Tangled Yoke. When you find yourself stalled on a project, is it something different every time? Or do you have one particular portion that stops you in your tracks? Just curious.


Kalah said...

I will take a picture of Hayden and Parker in their hats for you. :)

And the parts of the project that stalls me? The knitting part. It's so sad that I love yarn so much...

Leslie said...

The hat is adorable. It does look complicated, though. I also like that brown Patons. I can't wait to see you start on that. For me, I stall at the assembly stage. For me, that's the make it or break it point, and I get a little nervous.:-)

Chauntel said...

Yep, you know me! It's pieces. I gather pieces of knit garments, knit toys, flat hats, bags that need liners (I have 3 of those in a cupboard behind me, bet you didn't know that ;o))etc,etc.
I also want you to start the F&F blanket but think we should do them together. I will pull mine out once yours is to the f&f part and maybe we can encourage eachother? It'll go so fast compared to the shawl, won't it? THat part excites me!!
btw, I love that darn hat! they are so small & cute! Now if only you had the baby to go along with it, oh & the man....we're working on that one.

Susie said...

What is the f&f blanket? I always stop when it gets to the neckline and sleeves. Anytime i have to pick up stiches i just lose interest. Boo. My mom was here this weekend and dicovered all my unfinished projects, wooops!


Spencer said...

stalling always comes when I am just past the 50% mark. I love the sws. and the hat is so cute!!!!