Saturday, September 01, 2007

New knitting and an Old moon

The time has finally come... I started a new project! I made myself finish up the Rusted Root before I cast on again. I don't have photos yet of the Root, she's languishing in the finishing pile. A dozen or so ends that still need to be tied in. And you know how much I love tying in ends... So, I moved onto the Tangled Yoke Cardigan from IK Fall '07. I was so excited to cast on! And to start knitting. Not so excited to remember how much I dislike 2x2 rib. :) Don't get me wrong, I love knitting this but ~sigh~ it's the entire sweater on the needles at one time. I do have the Mystery Stole still to work on when I can't take the stockinette any longer... I am knitting the Tangled out of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a dark chocolate. I absolutely love this yarn. It's a very springy/spongy/tweedy yarn. I think it's going to turn out very nice in this sweater.

We had a full moon this week and I took the camera down to the stairs at the beach to see if I could get some cool photos. I was trying to play around with shutter speed on the camera but I didn't get the effeect I was looking for. Despite that, there is something that attracts me to these pictures...maybe a quietness or something about them. Anyway! Here they are:

And on a complete sidenote, having nothing to do with knitting or moons, I absolutely love the music in the Lord of the Rings movies. Our cable is out this morning and I am not a fan of just turning on the radio so I popped in the Fellowship of the Ring. The music evokes such feelings for me. I love how the music reflects the lifestyles of the people in the movie. Long flowing music for the elves (it brings to mind their jewelry with the long delicate strands of silver) and hard choppy music for the Orks. I love these movies...


Leslie said...

I love the moon photos. Makes me want to howl...:) One of my next projects is going to be Tangled Yoke. I'm going to use Rowanspun DK, I hope. See how the gauge works out.

Chauntel said...

I am right there with you on the LOTR music. I swear it can bring me to tears. I need to put the soundtrack cd's (which are yours ;o)) back in the car, that's where I love them the most.
Surprisingly, the kids like to listen to them also.
And I can't agree more with you on the ribbing issue. Unfortunately for me, my whole Trapeze Jacket is ribbing. Lots & lots of ribbing.

Ali and Ross said...

Very cool pics! Kind of haunting & "Lord of the Ring-ish" in their own right! Random question for you- I think I remember that you went to Ponderosa- did you go to high school with a guy named Branden Reid???? Had a younger sister named Shelby??? I'm good friends with his wife.

Spencer said...

I am knitting tangled yoke after I finish my tilted duster! woo i am gonna use pallette. sweater buddies

photogmichelle said...

that is too funny that you mentioned LOTR. DH and I put that in on Saturday night also. We just finished watching it last night and started Two Towers.

rowan said...

Tracy, I can't find your email, just wanted to say I hope your mouth isn't too sore today.
Missed you last night, hope you heal up fast and easy!
See you next week!
ps great photos!!
I bought that IK just for that sweater, and it may be the one I plunge into sweater making with. Got Hanami OTNs Love the Zephyr muches and bunches!
see ya!

Cori said...

Hi Tracy (my surrogate sister...) I hope your wisdom teeth experience went well. I love the new sweater,and the moon photos are quite lovely and peaceful. I completely agree about the LOTR music. They are some of my favorite books, and I am usually so picky about books made into movies and I rarely think they did justice, but in this case it worked. The music evokes such clear interpretations of the characters.

Marin said...

That sweater is lovely! I can't wait to see how it turns out!