Wednesday, October 31, 2007

8 Unusual Things You Probably Didn't Even Want To Know

I've been tagged. And I actually am going to play along!!

1. If I meet a new person, I have to know how to spell their name. When I talk to/about them, I picture their name in my head, not necessarily their face.

2. I use the Cascade 2in1 Packs for my dishwasher. And even though they are nice, little contained, premeasured packages of detergent, I have to put it in the detergent dispenser. Even though I know as soon as I flip the door closed, it will fall to the bottom of the dishwasher. Trust me, I've tried to just toss it in, it doesn't work for me.

3. When speaking to someone with an accent, I will start talking in their accent. I hope they don't think I am making fun of them.

4. I chain chew gum while at work. I love gum and as soon as the piece is flavorless and old, I will pop it out and pop in a new piece. Not to worry, I am SO not a gumsmacker. I chew the gum because it prevents me from snacking all day. Which I will do.

5. I walk around looking at my feet. I like to see my shoes, my tattoo, my new nailpolish, whatever happens to be on my feet.

6. When I get scared, I run in place. Seriously. It's been proven many times over. Also, if I am really scared my arms will flap in place and then I may grab whatever/whoever happens to be standing next to me.

7. I love Twix. But I like just the cookie and the chocolate. So, I will scrape off the caramel with a knife before I eat it.

8. I sway in place when I am standing still. The baby sway. Never had one but it's an automatic thing I do. I do wonder what people think when I am trying to sell them some flooring and I am standing their holding a sample...swaying.

I won't tag anyone but if you feel like sharing some unusual things about you, feel free!!


Suzanne said...

You are so cute.

We have many "quirks" in common, the accent thing, the gum thing, the Twix... the swaying - oh the swaying is really bad these days - I'll start doing it when someone asks about the baby, I'll just start rocking my invisible baby friend. I've never had a dishwasher so I'll just have to envy you for that quirk - I've always wanted a dishwasher, but I've always been the dishwasher - I wouldn't know how to make one work or even what "2 in 1" packs mean.

tellen said...

Ahhh the 2 in 1! It's Cascade and Dawn all in one little contained package. I have a countertop dishwasher and it's the perfect amount of soap for my washer. My dishes come out withOUT the water spots. It's super!

Knit and Pearl Boutique said...

Okay the running in place with arms flapping is such a funny visual LOL :-)) Thanks for sharing because that will give the giggles (alright fits of laugher) all day long!!! Probably tomorrow too.


Chauntel said...

I have seen all those quirks in action & I have to agree with Julie, the running in place when scared makes me laugh my pants off. Usually because what you are scared of is so funny itself! teeheehee

spencer said...

I love the cascade things, I also have to put them in the holder!!! jon just throws them in. But I have to put them in the holder. Also I am afraid of them... I have this must use "green" cleaning products kick. So I've switched to Mrs. Myers lavender, but you have to use more. and actually pour it in the dispenser.