Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby Love

The Baby Shedir hats have reached the parents. The mom of soon-to-be-born twin boys (they are already 6lbs. Each. She's carrying 12lbs of baby!) loved them so much that she wanted to frame them. I guess she took up knitting years ago because she loved how cabled items looked. She may have liked the look but she hated the knitting. I told her she was welcome to frame the hats once those boys have turned 20 and refused to let her cram those hats on their heads one more time.

I love when people appreciate a handmade item. :) Wouldn't a picture of two cute little newborn baby boys wearing their oversized Shedir hats be precious?? (hint, hint Aunt Kalah!)


Kalah said...

Hey, the have to ARRIVE first! ;) They will be here the 21st at the latest, then pictures will be taken and shared.

Chauntel said...

Sweet on the pics & I love it when knit gifts are a huge success! It would be nice if she actually used them though!

Suzanne said...

Yep the folks out here in blogville would love to see the pics too.


Melissa said...

I've actually been thinking about making that baby hat myself. Was it a good pattern? And how big would you say the hat ended up being at the end?