Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Match Made In Heaven

Do you ever think about the personality of a store when you go shopping? Do you ever wonder why it is you have your 'favorite' shops? I think a lot of it has to do with the personality of the shop. I am not talking Ross, Target, etc, I am talking the fun little boutiques that might be expensive but are so worth visiting. The owners/employees are friendly, the shop is set up to accommodate you (or so it seems!). Everything about it just seems 'right'. Well, I found my knit shop. The Loop & Leaf. The owner, Celeste, is super friendly, loves knitting, and has brought my esthetic to her little shop. It's open, airy, fresh, and colorful. She organizes her yarn by color!! It's my dream. If you have a moment, you should stop in and check it out. I didn't buy any yarn yet but I have plans for many things I saw in there. She carries many yarns that aren't readily available: ShiBui, Shokay, Fleece Artist, Jade Sapphire, and many others.

A comment was recently made on the Santa Barbara Group's forum in Ravelry that we "have what you'd call 'an embarrassment of riches' for those of us living in Santa Barbara." She's right, we have 3 boutique knit stores plus Craft Essentials and Michaels. And I love it! Each store has it's own personality and suites just about everybody in town. I appreciate the fact that we can share the wealth. :)


Chauntel said...

I just wish I was made of money so I could spread out my yarn buying equally!
You are so right on Loop & Leaf. It's really a fantastic shop.

Leslie said...

We are thrice blessed, and each shop is unique in its own way, and carries different brands and varieties of yarn. And all the shop owners are nice!