Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jalama Beach

Last Saturday, I went on a beach hike with my friends Jeff and Laura. I must admit, I knew walking in sand was tough but c'mon, there would be hard sand, right? I am here to tell you folks, it doesn't make a difference. We hiked from 11am to 6pm that night. And I was tore up the next day! It was a lot of fun though! We hiked down to the light house and back.
We started out with a little bit of fun:

There was a lot of walking:

After that, there was some resting:

We finally got to the lighthouse:

Where we saw many of these:

We ended the day with a beautiful shot of this:

All in all, it was a great day. A highly recommended hike. Make sure you go early in the morning and check the tides!


Marin said...

Amazing views! Looks like a fun day!

thuy said...

lovely photo essay. how do you splice the top picture so neatly? i have never been to jalama beach. you went on a perfect day!

Cori said...

You and Chaun feed my need for the beach. You know, that is the one thing that I really miss living in the dead center of the country. I feel really landlocked when I see the gorgeous pics of the beach and the ocean. But we get killer sunsets!

The Frog said...

Awesome pics!

Love Jalama beach --- and miss seeing you in person.

Are you coming to knitting tomorrow?

tellen said...

I am not sure about knitting tomorrow. I think Chaun is teaching her Modular Knits class and many of our knit peeps are enrolled in it. Or maybe they are coming over after the class... I will ask and find out!

Dipsy said...

What a wonderful day it seems you've had - and thank you so much for posting these gorgeous photos, it was as if I've been there with you guys - how great!

Jonny said...

wow! those are some beautiful pictures. looks like you guys had fun. hiking in the sand is killer though, it always sounds like a great idea at the beginning of the day!