Saturday, December 01, 2007

I know... are all sitting here thinking, "Does she ever knit anymore?" I am here with proof that says with a resounding Yes! She does knit! Unfortunately, I don't have proof yet for you. :) I have two finished sweaters to show you. One, the Tangled Yoke, has been a labor of love for a few months now (it really shouldn't have taken me this long to finish it but stockinette is just a pain sometimes, don't you agree??) and the other took a total of 5 days to complete. We are heading out to the beach today to get 'action shots' of our sweaters. Well, and some really cool beach photos. It's a beautiful day here in SB and we don't want to waste it! Maybe I can get some really cool pics of the kids for some more panoramas... Hmmm... my photo wheels are a'turnin'!

Have a great day and internet connection willing, you will all have some nice pictures to look at tomorrow!

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The Frog said...

Can't wait to see them!!!