Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunset on the Beach

We waited until the very last minute to head down to the beach. But we got some great photos! I love that both Chaun and I see the world slightly differently, we end up with some really good ideas. You will have to check out her blog to see her pics. And she is full of such info, it's great to be able to pick her brain on why certain things happen when I take pictures or how to make certain things happen. I just love her. :)) Oh, and if you want to check out more photos, I post them all at Flickr. If you do a search for people, look for tellen24.

Let's start out with Weeds n' Sunset:
Next, we have the family in shadow (left to right: Tyler, Trevor, George, Chaun. Sadie was at a friends house):

How about a Profile (or two) in Twilight?
Last but not least, let's look at those things that are in constant motion:


Chauntel said...

How right you are! All of those things, especially Trevor, are in constant motion.
It's fun to have 2 great cameras to play with on our outings. Wait until Disneyland, heeheehee

Chauntel said...

By the way, I love, love, love the picture of George & I. LOVE IT!

Cori said...

LOVE those photos. So glad you two take pictures of each other so I can keep up with all of you! And it allows me to feel a little closer to the beach...