Friday, March 07, 2008

I sewed some more!

Just one more bag, folks. Once I tried it, I had to make the perfect bag for myself. The original was based off an actual plastic bag and I forgot to add seam allowances so it ended up a skinny tall bag. Second time around, I didn't use a template, I just measured and sketched on the fabric itself, the size of bag I wanted to end up with and then added in extra for seams. I made this bag wider, shorter, and gusseted. I also made one handle 1" shorter than the other so I can loop it over the tall handle and the bag will stay closed. Oh! And we added interfacing (Chaun's brilliant idea) to give it more structure. I forgot to measure the finished product but I will add those in once I remember to measure.




Cori said...

I love the fabric you chose and what a great idea to make one handle shorter to loop over the other! You guys just inspire me to make some of my own. And did Chaun tell you the interfacing was actually my idea? ;-)

Chauntel said...

You need a good picture of the handles looped and of the quilt top that currently presides in said bag!!!!
No, I didn't say the interfacing was Cori's idea although I should have. It completely slipped my mind where I came up with that idea! ;o)

Cori said...

Glad to see that Chaun will give credit where credit is due... :-) And I would love to see the handles looped. And a quilt top is in progress somewhere?!? I want to see it!