Monday, September 01, 2008

Hello? Anyone still here?

Let me start off by saying I moved and it took a month for me to get internet. Hence, no posting. But that aside, the move happened, I am now more centrally located here in SB and I love it! I didn't like the idea of leaving a place where I had been quite settled for 4 years but I am very very pleased to be in my new place. For one, it's bigger and two, it's closer to Chaun! Okay, and third, it's right across the street from Ross. I confess, that was a big bonus.

Due to my prolonged move (never never ever make a move last longer than 2 weeks, trust me!), I didn't do much crafting. I put away all quilting accoutrements and my knitting consisted of the AMS. I am actually at the edging. Which is going to take a darned long time. I did set the Mystery Shawl aside for about two weeks while I worked on my Olympics Knitting (Olympics! I didn't even blog about the Olympics!). I knit the February Lady Sweater for that and almost finished it. I believe I finished it two days after the closing ceremonies. I love this sweater! I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (4 skeins total) on size 8's. Take a look!

Let's back up a second to the Olympics. I grew up loving every moment of the Olympics. My mom was a huge fan. I think even this year she would have complained about there not being enough on tv even though there was over 30 hours of viewing time each 24 hour period. It was a little tough to watch the Opening Ceremonies knowing I couldn't call her up to discuss the outfits of the athletes but I still watched every second I possibly could. I was able to see Michael Phelps' 8'th gold medal race, Misty May and Kerri Walsh win their fifteenth hundredth win in a row (okay, slight exaggeration but those girls are serious about their volleyball!), Jason Lezak kick ass over the French (they really deserved a good ass kicking too, for their trash talk), Mary Carillo's . I was truly sad when they were over. Partly for the Olympics but partly because that's another thing I had to adjust to without my mom around.

But! In another two years we get the winter Olympics then the summer ones again. It's another reason to love them!

In the meantime, I will be working on many projects. I have my Asian Quilt, the Pink Lemonade needs to be quilted, another secret project needs to be finished, etc etc etc.

Whew! Thanks for hanging in there. I am glad to be back!


brook said...

gorgeous!! love it!!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear from you on your blog!!! I was wondering what was keeping you so busy!

I love the cardi, that is soooo cute!!!

Chauntel said...

I also love the sweater, as you know ;o)
And I couldn't agree more on the Olympics. That first week without them was depressing, plain & simple.

The Frog said...

It's good to have you back. ;o)

And I love that sweater, especially on you. You look so cute in it.

R said...

yeah, I've been checking in on you every day or two and waiting to see whazzup. I didn't realize you were w/o innernets for so long. I'd be lost! I'd have to get a life, read a book, I dunno what else IS there but the innnernets?
Love your sweater, Now that the summer's knitting frenzy is over,
(stepmom loves her scarf) Olympic knitting done, I've picked Tangled Yoke back up and can't wait to get to wear it.
I loved the Olympics this year, watched more of it than I care to admit, saw most of Michael Phelp's medal swims, watched the beach volleyball and gymnastics and rowing!! I miss it too, if it weren't for Chaun lending me the Firefly dvd's I'd be too sad.
I'm glad you're back.

Amy said...

Great sweater! Nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to Sew Connected with you.