Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lazy Sundays

I mention lazy Sundays because Saturday was far from lazy. Suzanne had her baby shower at 1p at the Montecito Country Club. What a great location! Beautiful views everywhere you looked. We had a very nice time. After that, I was off to Kmart to get myself a new bookshelf for my bedroom. I have an odd little niche where a headboard would normally go. I have been using it that area as storage for, well, what turned out be a whole lotta nothing. I cleaned out that area of blue bins and replaced them with a Leaning Ladder bookshelf. And after just a little bit of swearing, a lot of sweating (that lamp in there gives off a surprising amount of heat!), and a some minor scratches, I had myself a nice bookshelf. Take a look!

So today I am working on the Absorba Bathmat from Mason Dixon. I am using Peaches & Cream Chocolate in double worsted weight. From Elmore-Pisgah, you can get 395 yd cones of this stuff for $6.64. The pattern calls for 3 strands held together but I really didn't feel like fighting with that on size 15's. So, 2 strands on 13's should do me just as well. I do believe Chaun finished her's up the other day. That's the plan, to work the bathmat and watch B movies until my meeting tonight. A well deserved Lazy Sunday. Hope you all have a lazy one as well!

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chaun said...

hmmm...that looks awfully familiar!
I love, love, love that ladder bookcase! Gorgeous. I need to make the absorba for the kids bath. And I can't even tell you how much the excel issue sucks. Sometimes computers are truly the enemy of our sanity.