Monday, March 26, 2007

I swear!!!

I swear at Blogger. I swear at my internet connection. I swear. I posted yesterday. Do you see it? Nono, don’t bother looking, it’s not there. Because right as I clicked post, my phone line protested the internet and shut down. The whole post…gone. I usually have no problem with Blogger but yesterday? I was already frustrated and in a ‘mood’. This didn’t help.

‘Kay. ‘Nuff of the bitchin’! Let’s talk some knitting. I can’t tell you what I have been working on but I can show you a picture (sort of):
Isn’t it pretty?? I wuff it! I have pretty much set aside the Rebecca sweater (boring!) to knit this. Also, I started up a new project, the Rusted Root sweater. I am using Debbie Bliss Cotton DK Tangerine. And it’s from my stash. How great is that!! My gauge matches Exactly, row AND stitch count. It was meant to be…

I did receive yarn this week. I bought a bunch of Lion Brand Homespun to knit this blanket. I hate knitting with Homespun but I am willing to put my prejudice aside to make the blanket. Chaun made me one about two years ago and I Love it. It’s huge, it’s warm, and it’s made with love. So, I think mine will end up being a gift for someone. :) In fact, I found a photo of mine and Chaun's:
I have to tell the story behind this picture. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. When we found out about my mom's cancer, I planned a trip to visit with them. Conveniently, it was the same weekend as the wedding of Chauntel's high school friend that just happened to be 10 minutes from my parent's house. And I needed her with me because I didn't know what it would be like to see/talk with my mom after her diagnosis. And because my mom was such a crafter, they do not have a guest bedroom. So, the dining room usually gets converted to my room when I visit. So, this picture is mine and Chaun's 'bedroom'. :)
Anyways... whew, that took me back there for a minute.

Let's lighten up the topic for a moment and talk shoes. That's right. Chaun tossed out a throwdown and asked for shoe stash pictures. And you will get one, don't you worry your pretty little heads, just not yet. I need to organize first. Now, let me take you back. I met Chauntel, oh, about...14-15 years ago. When we met, I was the girl of jeans and tshirts (okay, I still love jeans and t's, I am just a woman now) and maaaaaybe 5 pairs of shoes. No joke. I think I had a pair of tennis shoes, a couple of flip flops, and two pairs of docs for work. That really didn't change until I moved down here to Santa Barbara and she Really got ahold of me. :) I now have 38 pairs of shoes:
5 pairs of tennies (including slip on's)
3 pairs of flip flops (I am surprised! I thought I had more...)
7 pairs of clogs (Dr. Scholls and Dansko's)
16 pairs of heels (Just got some new Carlos Santana's)
5 pairs of flats (I really shouldn't wear flats; makes me looks short and stumpy)
2 pairs of boots
I love my shoes. Almost all of them. But I find myself reaching for the Crocs, the flipflops, or the tennies before any of the others.

Okay, that recreated this weekend's lost post and then some. Peace out!


Suzanne said...

I have too many things to comment on - I don't know where to start.

I really like the lace pattern on the Rusted Root sweater and I like the color - and speaking of pretty colors - that swatch you posted is total yarn porn. I love hand-dyed yarns most of all, and the colorway is beautiful.

The homespun blankets are great - I love the picture with both of the beds in the dining room - if it weren't for the dining table it would look oh-so-1950's matching twin beds. I knit something similar recently, only quite a bit smaller, but it's a gift so I can't discuss it in blogland just yet.

The shoes, 37? Where do you store them all? I'm sure you have some super fancy organization and storage system for them worked out too - don't you? Have you made an Excel spread sheet for them yet? ;o)

I've been alternating between the same three pairs for months now - clogs, flip flops, and knock off black Ugg boots. I like the fancy shoes but when it comes down to what I actually wear every day, it's all about the comfort factor.

chauntel said...

You have half the amount of my shoes & it only took you 3 years to get there! And what dr scholls clogs do you have that I don't know about? I want pics!
I love that pic of our blanket beds. It's happy & sad all at once.

Anonymous said...

Pretty variegated yarn. Can't wait to see what it is going to be. I've been wanting to knit rusted root or green gable by Zephyrstyle too.