Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Weekend. And some catch up!

I feel no need to post about my Saturday because Chaun did a pretty detailed post about it. Please, go over and read! I will say, one thing she didn't mention, :) I pretty much pooped out halfway through. Those tools are heavy! But we got it done and we also agreed to meet back up again in about a month to tackle their garage. We need to give ourselves some recovery time.

Do you remember when I found out I had like...18 projects on needles? And how many of them turned out to be smaller projects? Well, I have set aside the blankets and sweaters for some soaps socks (pictures in the previous post) and some presents for gifts. Not really interested in knitting these days. I am finding myself reading more often than not. But! I did promise some photos and knit talk.

I am still working the Rebecca sweater out of Cascade EcoWool. No a lot of progress but enough to keep it on the "Still working" list.

Also on the needles but not really being worked on, is the Rowan S/S Linen Sweater. I do like it and I like that it's on small (size 3) needles but that's also why I don't work on it much. It's on small needles. :) I also made the classic mistake of misreading the required amount of yarn. For my size, 36", I need 9 balls. Which I do have but I have added an extra inch to the length. See, I thought the 36" size needed only 8 balls. I should be okay still, I can always cut short the sleeves.

I also still occasionally work the Mix n' Mingle blanket from KnitPicks. It's a nice, easy pattern for those days when I have a tough day at work or am watching a really intense movie.

The next pattern I think I will work on is another Rebecca pattern. In fact, it's very similar to the EcoWool but done in GGH Soft Kid. Very lightweight but very pretty sweater.

I may have mentioned this before but I acquired some new yarn from Colourmart. It's a dk weight, 2/7 nm, 100% cashmere. Colour is Dark Meadow and there are 580yds per cone. It's wonderful! The swatch I did has been washed and fondled many times. Not sure what I am going to make with this but The perfect pattern will present itself soon enough.

And I will leave you with a picture of Chauntel's latest manifestation of brilliance. In all seriousness, that woman comes up with some of the best ideas! I don't know if she knows that I love her for that... but she will find out when she reads this. :) We both have the standard Ikea chair and we both occasionally knit off cones. She drilled two holes in the leg of her chair and found dowels that fit the holes. Which made our chairs...Cone Holders!


chaun said...

Sometimes I can't even believe how brilliant I am! And how neat do the cones of cashmere look on there? It makes me want to buy more & line my chair legs with cones of cashmere ;o) OOps, we didn't get the drill back from you after church today. George will need it of course for work tomorrow. We'll figure it out.
I can't wait until you get that new rebecca pattern started, that yarn is to die for!

chaun said...

I don't know how to tell you just how jealous & covetous of that dark meadow yarn I am. Richard has single balls but no more cones. whatever.

chauntel said...

Okay, I am ready to take that linen drape top off your hands whenever you are ready to part with it. Pass it on over babe!
Don't suppose you wanna meet me at Ross to 'work' tomorrow around 5:15-5:20 ish? I want to do it as fast as possible. And yes, I did leave this comment at 1:17 am. Not so tired ;o)