Saturday, April 21, 2007

The last Saturday

It's less than 36 hours until I have to go back to work. SO not looking forward to it! So, I decided to make the best of my last vacation Saturday and spent it quietly. It was the only day this entire week that I have had nothing to do. So, I spent it knitting. :) I finished up one project (a secret one) and started a new one, Julia. I don't remember what book it is from (Chaun? Would you provide the name??) I am knitting it with the yarn in the photo. It's RYC Cashsoft DK in Chartreuse. It's knit on size 2's & 3's. It's going to take me awhile. :)

I also knit on the Rusted Root. I am done with all the fun parts and am just working on the stockinette body portion. I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing it in the round and the hardest parts are done.
And now it's almost 10p and I will soon need to wake up so I can go to church in the m orning and Marin's baby shower in the afternoon. And my vacation will be over. I am sorta ready to go back to work but I am praying there have been no issues while I was gone. Which is highly unlikely but all I can do is go in and do my job, right? Right. :))

I hope you all had a wonderful quiet weekend also.

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chauntel said...

Oh how I do love that Julia sweater. And the rusted root is the best orange color ever. I will be home all day tomorrow (finally, your vacation took a lot out of me ;o)) so you can email me hastily at anytime about work stuff if you need to vent. See you at the shower!