Thursday, April 19, 2007

She's Crafty-again!

So, does that song pop into your head when you read that title?? 'Cause I read it and have a moment of Beastie Boys for myself... Yeah, that takes me back to sixth grade when we had Radio Days. Days we were allowed to bring our boom boxes (c'mon, you know you had one!) to school. One of the guys that we hung out with brought his Beastie Boys tape one radio day. I have loved them ever since.

Anyways. I got crafty again today. Did you see Chaun's wall of fabric'd embroidery hoops? I had to do the same. And the only blank wall I had left (well, other than my bedroom wall but why put it up in there? It's so small, I only use it for sleeping, not enjoying my wall art) was in the bathroom.

So pretty. :)

It's funny how I took a week off of work to kind of destress and I have been just as busy as if I had been going to work this whole time. My weekend was taken up with horses, driving, and errands (with my Dad:)) and the rest of the week has been spent soaking up quality time with my bff. We spent Wednesday running some errands that included hitting a fabric store and a yarn store. Today was bible study, BB'sKnits (You do know she is closing, right?? Everything is on sale! Picked up some more Silky Wool. Because I love it so much.) and picking up the kids at school (where we had to do open house early because Chaun has a class tonight so they aren't going). Whew! Tomorrow is Thomas Day Out and hanging out at the Andreasen's. Saturday is allll mine. Sunday is church and Marin's baby shower. And then back to work. Lovely.

I am feeling the need to explain some things. This is on a personal note. I am a solitary person. I love being by myself, having my home all to me, being quiet. And occasionally I go through periods where I don't want to spend time with people. More so than usual. I work with people everyday for my job and it takes it out of me. Everyone at knitting makes fun of me because I rarely stay past 8p. The reasons for that are plenty: I usually don't have time to eat dinner before knitting, I have Grey's Anatomy to watch, but a lot of it is that I am done with people at that point in my day. It has nothing to do with the actual people I spend time with, it's just that if I spend 8 hours with people, I need just as much time by myself. I have friends who are social butterflys and I just don't get it! I find myself getting short tempered, crabby, and downright mean when I don't have my solitary time. The reason I bring all this up is that I have not gone to knitting in ... three weeks, I think. And I am not going again tonight. At first I felt the need to apologize to my friends there, but really? This is who I am. I have always been like this. I will go back to knitting group, it may be soon, it may not be. The past year was a rough one and I spend a lot of time thinking about everything that happened (and not just with my mom but with friends whose moms have passed also). I see the world through different eyes these days and it's taking a lot of adjustment. I am not looking for sympathy or any of the such. I just wanted to let you know where I am at. I am here. I do knit (it's been very hard to not cast on more and more, lemme tell ya!) and I do miss my friends.

And on that note, I am off to knit the night away! It's Thursday! A new Grey's is on! Let's all celebrate! :)

Edited 4/19 8:53p: In answer to two questions from my comments, Leslie asks what's up with BB's. Well, she is closing her doors at the end of June. She still has a good amount of stock, enough of many colors to do complete projects. Check her out but don't forget that Julie at Knit&Pearl has yarns on sale also. :) And in answer to Jenn's question, the hoops are not glued. I wanted to have the option of changing the fabric out so I tightened them to within a millimeter of their life. Also, the hoops are from a lot I got off Ebay. $20 for 20 hoops or something like that.


Leslie said...

Seriously now, BB's is closing? Please tell me more! As far as being a loner and liking your alone time, it's perfectly normal. I rarely go to parties or functions. I'd rather stay home with my husband and knit or just enjoy our surroundings. If that's what makes you happy, no need to apologize. You're independent enough to know what you want. Take care...h

Jenn said...

I really like the hoops! Are they glued on the inside?

chauntel said...

I got so involved in the second half of the post that until I read the adendum I forgot about the hoops!I LOVE THEM where you put them & with your fantastic mirror they are even better! It's brilliant. We are brilliant.
And, obviously you know where I stand on the whole social issue. I am right there with you. I would rather go wander ross alone than come home & deal with the kids or go to knitting. It'll all change I know but right now I am emotionally all over the place.

Suzanne said...

Your whole bathroom decor is adorable! I love the hoops and the fabric you chose. And that mirror is gorgeous.

I'm also really glad to hear that you took a week off to do what YOU needed and wanted to do.

I don't think you ever need to apologize for wanting time to yourself... although, I do admit that I miss seeing you - but I haven't been going to knitting these days either.

I totally hear you on the dinner and Grey's Anatomy conflict with knitting group time. I record Ugly Betty and Grey's and watch them both when I come home, minus the commercials, while stuffing my face. The coffee shop stops selling sandwiches at 6 and rarely has bagels or pastries left when I get there at 6:30/7 so I'm usually starving by the time we leave.

I look forward to seeing you again in person in a few weeks. In the meantime, I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to seeing you again when I do.

Marieke said...

I'm really glad you took some time off for yourself. I think that you definitely needed it. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad about that in any way or pestered you too much.

My head knows that you needed to do what you needed to do and everything, but my heart says I still miss you...A LOT! Just know you're cared about :)

jennhx said...

There are folks who get energized from being with others, and there are folks who recharge by being alone. I'm of the second sort, and it sounds like you are too! I've finally figured out it's no reason to beat myself up, that's just the way I am. Good for you for recognizing your own nature and allowing yourself what you need!