Monday, April 16, 2007

The List

We all have a list. It's the list of things we want to do/accomplish/try out in our lives. It may contain having a baby, going on safari in Africa, crab fishing, painting, learning html, going alone to a party, etc. No, those aren't all on my list, I was just tossing them out there as examples. One of the items on my list, though, was to ride a horse. Pretty simple. And odd that I never have considering I grew up in the foothills of the Sierras. Big horse country up there. Well... I have SAT on a horse. Way back when I was involved with my little Bluebirds group (an off-shoot of CampFire Girls) and one of the girls had a horse. I swear this horse was 2 stories tall. So, they put me on it and I sat there white knuckled, quietly terrified until they took me off. I have been scared of them ever since. This weekend, my dad and his friend Jerilyn invited me to go along on a horse ride. I figured why not! Well. It turned out to be a 4 hour trail ride. And I am not talking a flat trail ride, I am talking hilly, steep grades, creeks, wild pigs, and rain kind of trail ride. We started out nice and easy until we came across a farm of llamas. The horses didn't like that so much. Jerilyn's freaked out, Dad's danced, and mine... mine started trotting. And I started laughing. Because hell if I knew what to do with a trotting horse! Apparently I am supposed to be in charge of the horse. Hahahaha! Hold on a second while I wipe the tears of laughter and incredulity from my eyes. I did get a basics lesson that morning but everything Jerilyn told me went right out my brain when that horse started going. I did get the horse under control (after Jerilyn yelled at me) and we sedately continued on our walk. All in all, it wasn't a horrible experience. But it is definitely an experience to be checked off my List.

This is my dad and I. He is riding Chix, I am on Tem. Not sure that it means anything but there we go.
This is Jerilyn, me, and my dad.
I have never been that little girl that loved horses but I can now see why people do. :)


Suzanne said...

And you have a cowboy hat on too!

Opps, I mean cowGIRL hat.

You totally look the part.

So cute!

So four hours your first time out huh?!

Are you sore at all now?

Sounds like a fun weekend.

chaun said...

YES, YES, YES!!! Good for you, now to tell my mom, she'll be so proud! I might get in trouble for not knowing exactly where you went to tell her but who cares! It's that you did it that counts!

tellen said...

Hm. Was I sore. That's a good question! Let's just say that all the way down to my finger tips I was sore. I had trouble knitting that night. I also have VISIBLE bruising in the nether regions. Trotting=no good for the vajayjay.

Marieke said...

Woot! Looks like fun (except for the sore vajayjay - ouchies!!)

I'm glad you're having fun on vacation!

Kalah said...

(Also have to mention that the chestnut horse is Dooley.)

So so glad you stayed in the saddle, and somewhat in the middle even! =)