Monday, August 06, 2007

hehe, fire fire!

Okay, I am just a bit old to be quoting Beavis and Butthead but that's all I can think about these days is the fire. I am referencing the Zaca wildfire which is sorta, kinda just a little bit threatening Santa Barbara and Goleta. I really do mean that it's just a little bit of a threat. If our Sundowner winds (similar to Santa Anas but they come in when the sun goes down) start up, which apparently could happen, then the fire becomes a real threat. But here is a photo of what I can see at my house:
Jason and I went on a motorcycle ride yesterday up 33 past Ojai. We actually ended up running into a wall of smoke and had to turn back around so I didn't get any really cool, upclose photos of the fire. But I will show you one of the pictures I did take.


Leslie said...

Aren't the ashes awful!?! I hope it doesn't knock out the electricity like they've been threatening us with.

chauntel said...

I keep wanting to get some good pictures of the smoke plumes, Fridays & Saturdays were the biggest. Too bad I am too lazy to actually go out to a good vantage point & take some ;o)