Thursday, May 22, 2008

Color coordination

Ever since I received Amy Butler's In Stitches, I have wanted to make the quilt, Patchwork Decorative Throw. I have had the idea of doing it in one color scheme instead of crazy patchwork type colors. I chose to do it in a dark blue. I have 9 fabrics so far for the quilt, they all arrived today in the mail. :) I am not sure about all of them though. I see these colors and realize that I need a middle blue, that it can't be all dark blues. I love the fabric with the red flowers, I think that definitely works. I also see that I have a lot of fabric with circles. I am not sure about the two light colored ones, only because they are SO light. Also, the white with diamonds is actually a sage green diamond instead of pale blue. So, I have some work to do with the fabrics but so far I have a good start.

1 comment:

brook said...

i love this throw!!! when i take a break in knitting, i'm gonna have to partake in a little amy goodness. :) i can't wait to see it completed.