Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Treats

Back in January, my Aunt Karen invited Chauntel and I to attend a quilt show in Ontario, The Road to California. I had no idea that the quilt show would inspire me to start quilting. At the quilt show, both of us purchased a quilt kit called a Sweet Treat. Each quilt takes 8 fat quarters plus fabric for the backing and borders. I cut and sewed mine together a few months ago when I was still flying high from piecing together my Chocolate and Blue quilt. And after only one quilt, I was the bomb when it came to cutting, sewing, just a total badass. Go ahead. You can laugh. I learned my lesson hard. When I went to square up my Sweet Treat top, turns out it wasn't square to start out. It was a trapezoid. A pretty strong trapezoid. I was devastated. I had no idea how to fix it. I took it to Idaho with me to talk with Lois, Chaun's mom. She said, "Consider this your learning quilt. You learned you need to be a better cutter and sewer!" So, with that in my head, it got put aside for, well, months. I finally pulled it out and assessed the damage. It wasn't as bad as I had it in my head of course, but it's definitely a trapezoid. So, I just sewed on the borders, adjusting where needed and ended up with this:

I love the colors and pattern of this quilt. It makes me feel calm when I look at it. I am going to send it off to Lois to quilt it for me. It's going to get polar fleece on the back and become one very warm quilt.

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