Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On your marks, get set...

Twice a year, my company has a clearance sale. And it's always based around a theme, which involves us salespeople wearing t-shirts we wouldn't normally be caught dead in. We are all women in my office and tend to wear very nice clothes to work. This years event, "Final Floors Event!" started today. Before I get to today's outfit, let me just give you the slogans from our fliers:

"Hoop it up during the PSSB Final Floors Event!"
"Slam-dunk savings exclusively for members!"
"Make a fast break to incredible savings!"
"Get in on the PSSB Final Floors Madness!"
"The Sweet Six! It's down to these great offers that can't be beat!"

Do you get it yet? The whole basketball theme? Let's ignore the fact that in reality, it's March Madness for college basketball. And it's currently...May. Aside from that though, do you see where I am going? Let me give you another hint (accompanied with a photo made by my OhSoWonderful friend, Laura): All day long we have been getting this comment, "Oh, so do you guys work at FootLocker?" That's right!! We are Referee's!!! I even have a whistle. I am so lucky, I get to wear this shirt for the next 3 days. Life is good, isn't it!

*The head in the photo is from my 5k run a few weeks ago. Don't I look like I am scared out of my life??


Cori said...

Yikes! Who thinks this stuff up?!? But really, you're so cute it just doesn't matter! ;-)

Chauntel said...

Aah, feel the sisterly love! I honestly don't know how you can stand it. This is one of those times I am very glad that noone can tell me what to wear, ever!