Monday, January 15, 2007

Early Birthdays are the Best!

On Saturday I went over to Chauntel's house (as usual) and had a birthday celebration with the Andreasen's. See, Chaun and her mom collaborated on one of the most wonderful presents I have ever received. They made me a quilt. Chauntel picked out the fabrics and mailed them to her mom who proceeded to make me a beautiful quilt. I absolutely love it! It's a quilt made from love.
Also, as an early birthday present, I got a new lens for my new camera from my dad. I wasn't supposed to open it until Thursday but due to a fluke in the packaging, I was able to figure it out and decided to use it early. It was a macro lens!! As soon as I stop being intimidated by the camera, you will start to see more photos. I have already lapsed on my APAW commitment. Doesn't mean I haven't taken any, I just haven't posted them. Soon you will be inundated. I promise.

1 comment:

Marieke said...

It's a gorgeous quilt! Love it!

And yay for the camera lens! That's so fun :)