Thursday, January 25, 2007


No pictures today because I am sneaking in a post here at work. I figured it was time that I update all y'all on my knitting. Which I haven't been posting about because I am just working on finishing some of the 18 on going projects I unearthed last month. So far so good! The Irish Hiking Scarf is about 10" from being finished and as soon as that one is wrapped up, I am going to Finally start a new project. And I can't wait! I am going to start the Rebecca #32 Lacey Hoodie. Chaun finished up hers back in October and Marieke is scooting right along on the back of hers. I do have two short sleeve sweaters I want to make but I might as well do the long sleeved one in hopes that we get some more winter weather for me to wear it in.

One of my recently completed projects was a blanket made of Homespun (3 strands held together knit on size 19's...never again!) for Kalah. I did not take any pictures of the blanket in hopes she would post them up on her site... Maybe by the time you read this and head over to her blog to see her blanket, she will have posted pictures for you... (hint, hint) :)

And one thing I forgot to mention...for my birthday Chaun got me a hank of Euroflax Linen and the mesh bag pattern to go along with it. Very cool! I want to have that done for the summer days at the beach. Well, in September when we actually get sunny days. And speaking of my birthday, it was wonderful! It was a day full of phone calls, text messages, and emails from all my friends and family. I was stressed on that day (no, not because I was turning ... old) and it turned into a very lovely day. :)

Time to head back to the drudgery. Maybe this weekend I will get around to posting some progress pictures.


Abby said...

That Lacey Hoodie looks great. What yarn are you thinking of knitting up in? (It might be something I need to make one day too)

Pamela said...

I saw your comment on CAP's website. I wasn't aware there was a knitting group in SB. Are you open to new people? If you are, where and when do you meet?