Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I was having a problem after finishing the shawl of what to work on next. I was pretty sure I had a project or two on needles that I could pick up... Try sixteen. Sixteen projects on needles/hooks. I sat on my floor yesterday and catalogued allllll yarn and projects. I now have a record of what I have and how much I have. It was a task, let me tell you! This first picture is of the process:

This next photo is the finished product:

Now that we have that done with, let's have a little chitchat about ALL of the current projects. Let me list them for you, in the order that I found them:

  1. Michael Kors sweater, Mainline Cream
  2. Candle Flame Scarf , HPY Merino Rose/Brown
  3. Felted Slippers, Noro Kureyon
  4. Clapotis, Lion & Lamb Vera
  5. Socks, Unknown manufacturer, Fake Fair Isle
  6. Jaywalker Socks, HandDyed yarn
  7. Cotton Washcloth, Sugar & Cream
  8. Morning Surf Scarf, Cashmere Brown/Green
  9. Irish Hiking Scarf, Drops Alpaca Pink
  10. Brown Cherry, WotA & Merino Style
  11. Ruched Blanket, Silk Natural (Officially the oldest project on needles)
  12. Spiral Hexagon Shawl, (C) KP Lace Natural (technically, I haven't started this one)
  13. Legwarmers, my own pattern, Andean Treasure Summer Sky & Woods
  14. Kyoto, CottonEase Pink, Blue, Black
  15. Mix n' Mingle Blanket
  16. Babette, (C) Wool of the Andes multicolor

And if that wasn't enough, the following projects are upcoming. I have the pattern, I have the yarn, I just don't have the time.

  1. Rebecca Sweater #15, EcoWool Natural
  2. Endpaper Mittenettes, Patons Grace Black & Spearmint
  3. Pimlico Shrug, Mister Joe Espresso

And there you have it. Wow, I say! Even Chauntel was surprised at what I have on needles. I think my focus will become finishing up some of these projects. I am falling back in love with the Babette blanket. So, that will become my main project for awhile. :)

Happy New Year! May this year bring you pleasant surprises and many happy days.


Marieke said...

Wowie! That's pretty crazy. It seems like everyone's getting the urge to finish current projects. Maybe it's the new year thing or something.

And slightly off-topic...where did you get those blue and off-white canvass bags? Those are perfect for storing WIPs and I want to get something like that, especially since they have the handy-dandy tag things.

Chauntel said...

Ah, another falls to the love of the canvas Ross bags. lol
Happy New Year to you too!
I was so shocked to see so many 'smaller' projects on your list of things on needles. You really don't like small projects is what that equals.
I am so glad the Babette is taking center stage again. I LOVE THAT BLANKET!

tellen said...

Yes, the canvas bags. :) Found through many months of searching and clawing through Ross's piles o'crap. We haven't seen them in a long time.

I love the Babette also. Much love for that blanket. Let's hope I can get it done by the end of Jan.

Marieke said...

Oh right, I think I asked you that before, haha! Maybe I'll just make something instead. I can use some of my odd fabric that I wouldn't have any other use for.

photogmichelle said...

You got everything so organized. I need to take a cue from you and just get it done. I have yarn in at least four different places in my house and I haven't once made a list of what I have.