Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cheap books for a small price.

Having subscribed to Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits magazines, I now get many "Buy My Product" type mailings. They are like the ColumbiaHouse cd offers. You know, buy a certain amount for a certain cheap price and you ONLY have to purchase 20 more at full price in 6 months to fulfill your end of the deal. Well, I decided to get online to Crafter's Choice and see what they had to offer. Their special deal was 3 books for $1 a piece (plus shipping and handling) and you only have to purchase 2 full price books in the next year. Not too shabby! I actually ended up with the above four books for $15 (somehow I got an extra book for $1). They arrived yesterday and I am very very excited to have them. Especially for that price.
I have taken the week off work to just be quiet and mellow. I have spent some of it shopping with Chaun (Ross, Target, Bath&Body Works) and the rest of it knitting. I got started on the T&QWoolease sweater I mentioned in a previous post. It took some wheelin' & dealin' but I was able to get the required quantity of yarn for under $30. Not too bad! I expect that sweater to be done sometime this week. I am also working on the Starsky. One more front and I can sew it together and pick up the stitches for the lapel. After those two are done, I am going to get started on the SWS sweater that Chaun designed and also the Michael Kors sweater that I posted about way long time ago. Yes, those will be very nice fall sweaters to have. :)


Melissa said...

SUCH a good deal on those books. I'm looking forward to seeing your Starsky, because if memory serves me correctly I think you're making it in a nice shade of red. When I first saw that pattern I thought that if I ever made it, it be red. Maybe I'll just live vicariously through you for now. :)

tellen said...

Ah, a red Starsky. Yes, mine is a dark red made out of Cervinia Sorrento. I am half a front away from sewing it together. Once that's done, I pick up stitches for the ribbing and then I am finally finished. That Michael Kors sweater is calling my name quite loudly!

chauntel said...

Yes! THe michael kors sweater is a really good knit idea. I am having a really hard time keeping away from casting on anything else. I do have some things I actually 'need' to work on. lame.
The books were such a good find I can't even believe it. period.

Erin said...

You evil woman. Like I need more knitting books. Good to see you posting again.