Sunday, October 08, 2006

Projects. It's all about the projects.

Following this post at some point today will be pictures of the current projects. I hope... Not really sure how this is going to work in Beta.
Anyway. I have my list of projects on needles:

Shinano sweater-knit in the round with Noro Shinano.
*Starsky-from knitty knit in dark red Cervinia Sorrento.
Babette-crocheted blanket from Interweave Crochet. Knit using Wool of the Andes.
Brown Cherry-Chaunwear designed sweater. Knit in the round with WotA and Merino Style.
Nameless Legwarmers-my pattern, knit in Andean Treasure.
*Candle Flame Scarf-Chaunwear designed, knit with hpy Rosa Vieja.
Fan & Feather Shawl-from Gathering of Lace, knit with cashmere yarn from Colourmart.
Homespun blanket-knit with 3 strands of Homespun on size 19's.
*Clapotis-yes, another one, knit with Marino Fondo from hpy.

Old Projects on needles:
Kyoto-from knitty, knit with CottonEase.
Ruched Silk Blanket-knit with silk, not sure where the pattern is from.

All starred projects are being worked on daily. All other projects (except the Old ones) are sitting in the Knitting Area. And there you go! I sure would like to see what all y'all are working on... only because it makes me feel less...obsessed. :)

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Kalah said...

Dude. LOVE the new blog! You have such fab taste. ;)