Tuesday, October 24, 2006


See Flash.

See Flash sit on my knitting.

Who is this Flash? Flash belongs to Jerilyn. Jerilyn is a good friend of my family. With Dad being home for the past few months, Jerilyn took to leaving Flash at our house so she didn't have to take him on her travels (she travels for her work). He has become a family member. He is a strange dog in that he grew up around cats. So, he acts like a cat. Case in point: if I left ANY knitting lying around, he would find it and sit on it. If I tried to take it away, he wouldn't move. He would just look at me as I struggled to push his dead weight off the item. Really quite funny.


chauntel said...

I love how Jerilyn keeps his hair clipped. He has that scowley look that sadie had as a baby.
Not that my daughter ever looked like a dog but you know what I mean! lol

Marieke said...

He looks like he's got the personality of a cat for sure! LOL