Friday, October 20, 2006

Get to know me

Four Jobs I have had:
(all these jobs are in sales)
American Tourister (luggage store)
Big Dog Sportswear
ProSource Floorcoverings
Four Movies I could watch over & over:
(I won't cheat like Chaun did...)
Lord of the Rings movies
Disaster movies (Armageddon, Independence Day)
Jurassic Park (all of them)
Alien (all of them)
Four Places I have Lived:
Hawthorne, CA (0-5)
Cameron Park, CA (5-25)
Roseville, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Four of my Favorite Tv Shows:
Project Runway
CSI (all of them)
Grey's Anatomy
Any cake/cookie/sugar sculpture competition on Food Network
Four Places I have been on Vacation:
Bryce & Zion Canyons
Four of my Favorite Dishes:
Ranch Dressing (can that be considered a food?)
Eggs scrambled up with bacon and ham
Garlic Bread
Pig Ribs
Four Websites I visit daily:
My news page,
Hm, I guess I only have three. Pretty limited by the dialup connection...
Four Places I would rather be right now:
At my parent's house
At Chauntel's parent's house in Idaho
Somewhere where noone knows me and asks for nothing from me :)
Rhinebeck with everyone else elbow deep in yarn & sheep (I could do this one too)
Four bloggers I am tagging:
Yeah, noone. :)

1 comment:

Chauntel said...

I really didn't expect you to do the tag! It's the last one I do. No more. That is where I am a total lurker, I love to read others but have to m.a.k.e. myself do it. ;o)