Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yarn Shopping

I opened up the Sunday paper this morning. And after reading many interesting articles (see, I am up in Sac and the Sacramento Bee actually reports national and world news), I got to the ad section. Would you like to know what I found there? I bet you would.... Five, that's right, FIVE Michael's ads. :)) Which means five 40% off coupons. And after I got over my amazement of the quantity, I read the ad. Right. All of their yarns are on sale from $2-$4. I think Michael's is trying to tell me something. Buy yarn. And they are oh-so-subtle about it. And the first thing I did after reading that ad was to try and figure out a way to get to my nearest Michael's today. Unfortunately, it's not possible. I am on Mom duty while Dad is at an overnight golf tourney in Nevada. I might be able to make it there tomorrow after he gets home and before I take off for the airport. But if not, I know there is a Michael's in Ventura. I know you are wondering why I am so desperate to get to this store. See, Lion Brand recently came out with their new catalogue. And it's wonderful! There are so many things I want to make but the one item I know would be quick and easy is this sweater:
It's made out of WoolEase Thick n' Quick. Which is normally $6 a ball. And if I have to pay $48 just to make a sweater, I would rather just buy one pre-made. I know, how unknitterly of me. But if this yarn is really on sale for less than $6 (remember, their ad states $2-$4 for all their yarns), then I can save $16 and do it myself. I am a freak for sweaters like this. Simple, easy, goes with everything...

Well, that's the plan right now anyway. Let's forget the numerous projects I already have on needles. I am about half way done with the Clapotis and 1/4 done with the Candle Flame Scarf. Those are the only two things I brought with me to work on. I do have pictures but I don't have the cord to connect the camera to the computer.

Kalah is coming over today for a yarn winding party. Well, she has 3 hanks of lace to ball up and that's it. :) But it gives us an excuse to hang out, eat pizza, drink beer, and talk knitting. I hope everyone has a nice, lazy day!

PS: Suzie: I am sorry I wasn't there at knitting for the cuddle fest. I was actually on a plane trying to cuddle with the cute guy I was sitting next to. Unfortunately, he wasn' t nearly as interested as I was in cuddling. :))


chauntel said...

stoopid boys don't know when they are missing out on a one-flight-cuddle-stand.
I hope you & Kalah have a lovely time winding & drinking. I am not sure I advocate the two together but just watch yourselves. You may end up like Joey Pigza and the tasmanian devil locker incident. ;o)

Montana said...

JACKPOT! 4 coupons! That is AWESOME! That sweater is really nice. I like it too.

I checked out the local Michael's up here, and I saw there is some wool/soy yarn (Paton's I think) that looks really really tempting. I'm not sure if it's at all Michael's or not.

I hope you and the family are doing well. It seems like forever since the last SB knitting group I went too.

The Frog said...

That sounds wonderful!!!

But Michael's Ventura? Wasn't there a Michaels in Goleta off of Fairview? Did it close down? I haven't been there in a while so it's entirely possible. The last time I was there I bought a pair of circular knitting needles and the girl at the cash register asked me what they were.

Can you believe it?!

~ Suzanne.

The Frog said...

Or... you took a plane. Which means Micheal's Ventura would be on the way if you're coming from LAX... that didn't occur to me at first. Duh, Suzanne.

I can't wait to see what you're next project will be and I'm looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

~ Suzanne.